Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Library Management System By C++

Friends here is a Library Management System code developed by me.please run this code and send feed back.Before running this code please go through the text file 'help.txt' in the downloaded file.Download from here Library Management System by C++

Advance Features:

  1. Creating User.
  2. Log In and Log Out facility for both admin and user.
  3. Restricting user to issue book if no copy of the book is available at that time.

Obvious features for a Library Management System:

I.  For User:

  1. Viewing all books.
  2. Book searching by book name,serial number,author name.
  3. Book issuing and depositing.
  4. Viewing profile.

II. For Admin:

  1. Viewing all books.
  2. Adding new books.
  3. Updating existing book details.
  4. Deleting books.
  5. Viewing all Users.

Upcoming Features:  

  1. Updating User profile.
  2. Deleting User from system etc.


                              BOOK LIST                                       


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